Strategic Plan

Total Records: 50

Id College Id Entityname Entitytype Entitysalience Entitykg Entitywikipedia
84692 Los Angeles Mission College LACCD Technology Strategic Plan Technology Planning & Policy Committee ORGANIZATION 0.65226334 /m/0br0p
121387 San Joaquin Delta College Information Technology Strategic Plan OTHER 0.44010392 /g/11bxglxqkv
71877 Hartnell College Tech Strategic Plan ITR ORGANIZATION 0.052517097 /g/11clzgx_j2
115436 San Diego Mesa College Mesa College Technology Strategic Plan OTHER 0.025841322
63932 Gavilan College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.014826201 /m/01h2x3
103700 Palomar College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.01146605 /m/01h2x3
158601 Evergreen Valley College District Strategic Plan OTHER 0.011414043
153292 San Jose City College District Strategic Plan OTHER 0.01007547
160951 San Jose-Evergreen Community College District District Strategic Plan OTHER 0.01007547
24887 Cabrillo College District Strategic Plan OTHER 0.009077972
57770 Contra Costa College Contra Costa College Technology Strategic Plan OTHER 0.006048802
98858 Mt. San Jacinto College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.005957847 /m/01h2x3
119661 San Diego Miramar College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.005023073 /m/01h2x3
147149 West Los Angeles College Strategic Plan and Educational Master Plan OTHER 0.0048967274
100655 Norco College Norco College Technology Strategic Plan OTHER 0.003681684
10327 Merced College Strategic Plan Goals 1 OTHER 0.002923979
95079 Moreno Valley College Strategic Planning Council ORGANIZATION 0.0027446712
82888 Long Beach City College Strategic Plan for Transformational Improvement OTHER 0.0025896265
36075 Clovis Community College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.0025589445 /m/01h2x3
63074 Fullerton College Goals District Wide Strategic Plans Campus Plans District Services Administrative Reviews OTHER 0.0025537417
32796 Citrus College Strategic Planning Goals OTHER 0.0023318136
129115 Shasta College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.0021553254 /m/01h2x3
61250 Fresno City College Strategic Planning Council ORGANIZATION 0.002129923
27213 Cañada College Information Technology Services Strategic Plan OTHER 0.0019632224
149446 Chabot College District ITS Strategic Plan OTHER 0.0018034546
143156 West Hills College Coalinga e-Learning Strategic Plan OTHER 0.0015614618
19494 Antelope Valley College Strategic Planning & Budget Council ORGANIZATION 0.0011462314
91709 Monterey Peninsula College Strategic Plan 17 Technology Plan Development Research and Input Technology Committee Overview OTHER 0.0011398284
76094 Imperial Valley College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00094506395 /m/01h2x3
139651 Taft College Strategic Planning Committee ORGANIZATION 0.0008544848
100245 Napa Valley College Institutional Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00076689397
68380 Golden West College Strategic Planning and Budget Process EVENT 0.00064603466
78456 Lake Tahoe Community College College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.0006104373
137669 Southwestern College SCC Shared Consultation Committee SP Strategic Plan ITC Institutional Technology Committee SS Student Success OTHER 0.00060786144
116449 Saddleback College Saddleback College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00050321827 /m/01h2x3
59863 Foothill College Foothill Strategic Planning Process OTHER 0.00047198968
124610 Santa Ana College Strategic Planning Elements OTHER 0.0004651791
70008 Grossmont College College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00040180061
142422 Ventura College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00039817338 /m/01h2x3
53714 Columbia College CCC System Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00039228678
83896 Los Angeles Harbor College Strategic Planning Process 11 III OTHER 0.0003879951
94274 Moorpark College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00034693268 /m/01h2x3
58372 Cuesta College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00031154894 /m/01h2x3
134082 Skyline College Skyline College Smart Classroom 65 E. District Technology Standards 66 F. District ITS Technology Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00023475275
102941 Ohlone College Ohlone Community College District Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00022937475
35085 City College of San Francisco Strategic Plan E.I OTHER 0.00020918204
48057 College of the Sequoias COS Strategic Plan Objectives OTHER 0.00019437302
38051 College of Marin Strategic Plan OTHER 0.00017135119 /m/01h2x3
28804 Cerro Coso Community College Strategic Plan Goals Address OTHER 0.00015643888
97755 Mt. San Antonio College College Strategic Plan OTHER 0.000081452374